Watford CIS Returns

Here at Chilcott Bookkeeping we offer a Watford CIS returns service from our local Watford office . We prepare your CIS returns from either the software that you use or we can use our software. Our Watford CIS return service including the submission of the Return to Customs and Excise (on-line) as this is now the statutory requirement for which you may be fined if not done. We can offer our Watford CIS returns service at a fixed price of £5 per subcontractor per submission or at a reduced rate if you have 20 or more sub-contractors.

Most of our clients who use this service send the information electronically. We will also complete monthly slips for your subcontractors and ensure that whoever does your P35 has the necessary figures. Using the Revenue’s online service we are able to verify subcontractors and keep you informed of any changes in legislation.

We have on board the services of Watford Accountants to provide advice on all CIS return matters.

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